The desire of earning good returns have always attracted investors to invest in the stock markets. Most attractive part of the stock market is making big money in no time and the worst part is, it can be lost in the manner in not time if not invested wisely.
Now wise investment in much more than just 2 words. Digging further, with little bit of research and understanding about the stock market would always be handy. As a trial, you can start with just a small amount and then gradually increase the amount after gaining a grip on the market trends and ways to analyse it.

What is Market Indices or Index?

Market index helps to determine the market fluctuations. Primary index of BSE is S&P BSE consisting of 30 stocks whereas Nifty index has 50 stocks in the market.

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What is a Stock Market?

A stock market is a place where shares are being bought and sold. You can buy or sell shares through registered stock brokers as India is a country that does give you the consent to buy or sell shares directly in the stock market.

Many yearn to invest in online share trading from Chennai, a town that is huddled with various business and trading options. There is often a huge search for reliable and trustworthy place to get a perfect direction for a successful online share trading from Chennai. Lack of knowledge and proper insights have kept this huge potential area of investment from exploring. Though there are many brokers for consultation regarding online share from Chennai trading but it is often advisable to rely on a service provider who has a proven track record and transparent process.

How to do share trading online?

Learn about the big trade in the simple way to make it easy to understand and earn more profit

  • You own a piece or share of a public traded company when you buy a stock
  • These share are popularly known as good stocks depending upon their rate fluctuation on basis of return of company/dividend yield etc.
  • You invest in a fundamentally good company and the share rates of that company rises reflecting your share prices also to rise high
  • Often companies which have strong fundamental figures at decent price range are preferred by the clients who invest/trade online.
  • Reap only when the rates are high to gain maximum benefit for your investment.

What are essentials for doing Share trading online?

  • Get a Demat and trading account easily opened through an expert broker like Xtrade who has paper less account opening facilities.
  • Read, watch & learn as much as possible about stocks which you are planning to invest.
  • Always ask a question why you should by this company ?
  • Keep a close watch of the market movements of stock prices through Xtrade Mobile Trading Platform
  • Study and analyse the stocks before making the purchase
  • Always make long term investment decisions which are often profitable and easy to measure.
  • Get as much information about outcomes of trading challenges, exploring various trading techniques to be implemented while trading.

The Basics of the Indian Stock Markets

India has 2 stock exchanges – National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). There are several national and regional stock exchanges spread across the nation providing share trading online. Major portion as much as 80% of the share trading is reported to be happening at BSE and NSE. Most of the key shares and daily traded volume terms to be similar for both exchanges giving the investor ample opportunity to pick and choose as per your discretion.

Take note of the work days – both work throughout the week and remains closed on Saturday and Sunday and all national holidays.

The online trading system (Mobile Trading Platform, Web Trading Platform) has facilitated the traders with more transparency, efficiency, automatic order matching, and speedy processing of the transactions in comparison to the earlier systems of traditional offline trading.

Who is a reliable stock broker?

  • A reputed broker such as Xtrade which is registered and licenced by SEBI ( Securities & Registered Board of India )
  • A broker who shows more transparency in client dealings with clear communications given to its registered clients
  • Always select a full-service broker which provides excellent client support and timely guidance.

What are Shares or Stocks?

Every company needs money to carry on its operations. Companies approach investors and banks to get loan or borrow money from common people by issuing bonds which levies huge interest. Best way of a company to raise money from market and avoid such heavy interest is by issuing share to the public. A share issue comprises of selling a part of the company to people or institutions who buy or invest their money.

Why should you invest in shares?

You get an ownership of the company by investing you money in the shares. Percentage of ownership will depend upon the number of shares you bought. This will also entitle you to receive dividends, i.e., a share in the profits which the company earns by doing business. Apart from dividends, shareholders also enjoy capital appreciation. Prices of the share of a company increases as the profit of the company grows. When the price of the share increases you can sell your shareholding at a good price to earn profit.

It’s time to grow your money from stock market. Register with a broking company like Xtrade today and stand a chance to be guided by a professional market expert who will guide you to do profitable trades. Start with the minimum investment for learning the art of online share trading from Chennai.

How to Open a Paperless Online Trading Account?

  • Click the below given link or visit
  • Keep the below mentioned documents handy while opening the Online Trading A/C
  • What are documents required to open instant account?

Why Xtrade is the best share trading platform?

  • Company gives personal guidance to keep you away from all sorts of mishaps or losses in share trading.
  • Get in-depth information of Stock and company information’s.
  • Best Stock Analytic tools are provided while you open an online account and start trading with Xtrade.
  • High level of transparency is maintained in client dealings.
  • Lowest Brokerages across all the trading segments ( Equity, F&O , Currency & Commodity )
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