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Planned investments are often an asset to be en-cashed in times of trouble. So no looking back. Rather than investing in tangible things that rust, moth and thief could eat away invest in instruments with higher returns like equity. Higher returns often calls for risk but brave prefer challenges.
Brave or not, all prefers a basic assistance to move ahead with confidence and grooming is our best part. Not matter where you are, we are ready to provide direct assistance in how to and when to invest and also how much. Experts at your disposal with perfect proficiency in the subject.

Threat of risk ahead; so get the best returns out of your investment on equities by availing guidelines from an experienced and trustworthy expert who can advise you wisely.

Why invest with us?

  • Ensure with most liquid investment option
  • Makes your equity trading easier
  • Live chat support with 24×7 web enabled back office
  • Real time rates with current market updates

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  • Safe Trading Tips
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NSE Market Hour

Normal :09:00 AM to 03:30 PM

Post Close :03:40 PM to 04:00 PM

Auto Square-off :3:20PM

Off Market Timings(AMO)

Trading Days:4:30PM to 9:15 AM

Other Days:24 hours

Important Notes:

Trading Limits depends on the selection of trading account in the order form.Intraday trading (squareoff) is not allowed in BE Scrips.Intraday can be converted to delivery or vice versa by clicking on Netposition/Tradebook.Such trading account conversion will be rejected if there is no sufficient margin or security balance.

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