Internet Trading Password Policy

Dear Internet Trading Customer,

Important points to be noted on the subject of Internet Login Password/Transaction Password

a) System will prompt to change password when the customer login for the first time and or each time the password is reset.

b) Three attempts of login using wrong Passwords will automatically lock the password.

c) Automatic expiry of password on each 14 days.

d) Customer Login Password/Transaction Password should not be the same.

e) Login Password & Transaction Password should be alphanumeric of minimum eight characters and maximum of twelve characters.

f) At UAE Exchange & Finance Ltd, the customer passwords are encrypted so that no employee can view the same at any point of time.

In case your Login Password has been locked or you had forgot your Login Password/Transaction Password you can reset the same through ‘Forgot Trading Password’. Reset login details will be sent to your registered email address.

Should you require any further clarifications, feel free to write to

Assuring you the best of our services,

Warm Regards,

UAE Exchange & Finance Ltd