Current Rate: 795

Support & Resistance: 730 & 880.

Face Value : 1
Book Value: 60.72

Market Cap: ₹10606 Cr

Recommendation: BUY (BUY / SELL)

Holding Period: 3 Month

Fundamental View:

Eris sales, BEITDA and PAT grew by 16%, 46% and 21% YoY in Q4FY18. The integration of acquired business from Strides and UTH Healthcare helps in the growth of sales. The core business of Eris grew by 10% YoY.

Management expects lower base of FY18 and new sales team with focussed portfolio to reap benefits among the target market.

New brands to target existing network followed by synergy of new geography .management plans to introduce newly acquired brands from Strides (Raricap, Renerve) in its exising network in North and West. Management expects

Renerve brands to reach Rs1,000m in FY19 from current sales of Rs450m in FY18 .

Strong cash flows and lower leverage coupled with high capital return ratios will lead to high PERs for the company.

Company is totaly debt free and Q4 Result also good.

Long Term view: Positive

BHEL Sector: Heavy Electrical Equipment

Current Rate: 83

Target Price : 102 in three months and 141 in six months.

Face Value : 2
Book Value: As on March 2017 :- 131.94

Market Cap: ₹ 32748 Cr.

Recommendation: BUY (BUY / SELL)

Holding Period: 3 to 6 Month

Fundamental View:

The stock has bottom lined at Rs.80/- and moved up which suggests reversal of the bearish trend in the scrip. On the daily chart, the stock has gain falling tread line breakout; which again suggests growing optimism in the


Increasing demand for dairy products is giving and expectation to report net profit of Rs.24.7 crore up 68.2% year -on-year (up 47.8% quarter-on-quarter).

The RSI(14) chart of BHEL shows bullish crossover and rising on the weekly chart.


Traders can accumulate the stock in the range of Rs.83-90 for the target of Rs.102/- and a stop loss below Rs.78/-..

News Updates:
(Sector / Scrip related news)

Share Name: M&M Financial Services Ltd. Sector: Finance

Current Rate: 473

Support & Resistance : 450/520.

Face Value : 2
Book Value: As on March 2017 :- 129

Market Cap: ₹ 29244 Cr

Recommendation: BUY (BUY / SELL)

Holding Period: 3 to 6 Month

Fundamental View:

1. Strong Q4 results better than expectation.
2. Loan to farm equipment sector, like Tractor sales increasing (20% in FY18) is positive for the company and 35% of business has exchange program on tractor, while 65% customers are new to industry.
3. Normal monsoon prediction is also advantage for the company.
4. MMFS has been improving its presence across Pan‐India states. MMFS concentrating more in Rural market than Urban. Overall portfolio has seen decent growth in April on track with expectations. New branches should add

more to growth.
5. Steady growth in customer addition
6. Steady product mix is advantage for the company
7. AUM growth is good compared to last quarters

Short Term view: Positive
Long Term view: Positive
News Updates:
1. The business environment for MMFS is getting better

Share Name: M & M LTD Sector: Automobile
Current Rate: 870

Support & Resistance: 980/810.

Face Value : 5
Book Value: As on March 2017 :- 239.53

Market Cap: ₹ 111340.32 Cr

Recommendation: BUY (BUY / SELL)

Holding Period: 2 to 3 months

Fundamental View:

1. 1. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M) is a multinational car manufacturing company in india, and one of the largest vehicle manufacturer by production in India, and the largest tractor manufacturer. The company reported

a strong 50% year on year growth in consolidated net net profit at Rs. 11.55 Billion in March 2018 quarter(Q4FY18). It had profit of Rs7.7 billion in the same quarter last fiscal. The company’s total revenue rose by 24% to Rs 133.55

billion during Q4FY18, compared to Rs, 17.95 billion in the last year ago period, boosted by strong sales across tractors and utility vehicles, the domestic automotive volume for the company grew 20% while the domestic tractor grew

44% over the previous year quarter. We can see that a good sales growth for the coming quarters..

Short Term view: Positive
Long Term view: Positive

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